Interview with Marcus Cauchi Sandler Sales Management Trainer


Marcus and I have known each other for over 10 years since we connected on UK Networing site Ecademy.

The session is designed for OWNERS, CEOs, professionals, ambitious and even reluctant salespeople

A very enjoyable , informative masterclass in sales by Marcus Cauchi .

Topics covered

What is selling?

Where do the problems start with sales?

We’ve all received cold calls and generally don’t like them. How do salespeople do that all day?

What are the kind of questions a business owner or CEO needs to be asking themselves and their sales manager?

Who is in control of the sale, the buyer or the seller?

We’ve all been asked to complete a proposal or some kind of tender document. What advice can you give to people who get asked to do this?

What are the most common mistakes salespeople make?

All in all a very entertaining and instructive session

Gerry Millington UK Country Sales Manager, Beaver-Visitec International says :

‘His lecture livened up the room, shocked some of us a little with his rather direct approach, but make complete and utter sense to me – particularly when he asked if we had ever recruited the best sales person ever in the World, who bowled over everyone at interview and yet turned out to be a complete lemon. ‘

About Marcus

Marcus Cauchi is a seller who teaches selling, not a trainer who teaches sales. He has made £millions of pounds ….. of mistakes. He suffered much scar tissue in front of prospects and clients. He believes most salespeople make their own lives harder than they need to because they fixate on money as being the issue, they put the customer on a pedestal and treat prospects and suspects as if they are doing them a favour instead of realising that they have the problem which the seller can fix. Prospects don’t object unless the salesperson takes them there!

Marcus has been successfully serving his clients with Sandler Training since 2004. He used to struggle for the previous 17. He made all the mistakes you and your salespeople are probably making today; free consulting, putting the prospect in the driving seat, thinking the customer is king (a big fat lie!), by offering unilateral discounts and concessions which meant he was giving away his employers’ profits. Not for cissies!

Date 05/02/2016 at 2:00 PM GMT

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