Interview with Fraser Hay , Business Coach, Speaker, Author of 14 small business books & Founder of Grow Your Business® Club


A most excellent chat with Fraser on this morning .

It is a tour de force by Fraser as he brings ‘Grow Your Business’ to life in his very own energetic style .

As Fraser says ‘In case you missed it – A video of my interview with Steven Healey aka “Parky”. Stick the kettle on and watch the video below. Feel free to share the link with your network(s) & claim your FREE membership at

I have known Fraser for about 10 years , over that time we have chatted and helped each other many times. If you are looking for a helping hand with your business then Fraser is your man , he has helped countless numbers of our mutual contacts to create plans AND follow them through.

Fraser is the Founder of Grow Your Business® Club & Principal of Grow Your Business® School

In addition to his coaching and business forum Fraser is a best selling Amazon author


Fraser says

What’s the next goal or objective that you’d like to achieve?

Are you…

• Struggling with your entrepreneurial mojo?
• Struggling to generate leads, enquiries, prospects, sales or referrals?
• Struggling to increase exposure, awareness or results – online?
• Struggling to document your model, vision or strategy?
• Struggling to grow your business?
• Struggling to find a Keynote Speaker?

If any of the above describe your current situation, then read on.

As a Business Coach, for over 10+ years, I’ve helped business owners from around the globe to identify & address the issues, challenges & obstacles that have been holding them back & preventing them from achieving their goals & objectives.

Many small business owners are just too busy dealing with the symptoms of reactive, unplanned, unstructured approaches to identify & address the root cause of their frustrations or lack of results.

Many just need a new plan of action.

You can watch the replay of the interview here

or on Youtube


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