Interview with Dr Simon Raybould author of Presentation Genius


Simon Raybould and I really enjoyed chatting about Presentations. We have known each other for the last 10 years and

Simon explored :

Presentation Techniques \ Practicing \ Repetition \Clarity and overloading.

The session will give you an overview of the art and science of presenting and you should enjoy some laughs along the way.

Simon says

‘I started life as a research scientist: I looked at the causes of childhood leukaemia. After 24 years as a researcher I gradually became more interested in how science is communicated (or not) because what people act on is very different from what researchers *know*. Then I got more and more into understanding how *anything* was communicated, not just science. I’ve also worked as a lighting designer for dance companies, written a few books and plays, been a teacher, been a fire-eater and other things I’ve forgotten….. :)’

You can view the Blab replay here

or on Youtube


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