Interview with Brian Murray of CoTap THE workplace mobile messaging app


An enjoyable informative interview with Brian Murray of Cotap I have been using Cotap for the last three weeks and appreciate the clear cross platform interface , the speed and security and the sharing capabilities

I first connected with Brian when Thomas Power introduced a group of us to the Cotap messaging system.

We went from Yammer , Microsoft buying Yammer , the change in culture and vision which led to the creation of a new independent company and of the new corporate messaging application app Cotap.

It was fascinating to discover how Cotap has developed and the range of facilities that are available to users.

In a wide range chat we discussed

Cotaps beginnings
Company Message systems
The need for speed
Ease of registration
File Transfer
Integrated phone and video calling (Individual and group)
Group Messaging
System Integrations

Wednesday 10/02/2016 at 6:00 pm .


About Cotap



All-in-one communication. Group texting, voice & video calling and file sharing on any device, all in one place. Brought to you by people passionate about making communication at work easier, faster and more human.

Despite the numerous tools intended to help people communicate at work, we’re still a lot better at communicating in our personal lives. Cotap Co-Founders Jim Patterson and Zack Parker set out to change that by empowering employees to communicate in a way they already love — with their mobile devices.

Founded in May 2013, Cotap was born so everyone from the breakroom to the boardroom could easily have the conversations that drive work forward — fast, active, dynamic dialogue that’s meaningful. We’re obsessed with fixing communication at work. Since Cotap launched its first app in October 2013, workers everywhere now have access to real time, secure and easy-to-use mobile communication.

All your communication, together in one place.

Cotap lets employees seamlessly communicate via text, voice and video from any device

Know when messages are delivered and seen.

Keep everyone in the loop and increase accountability. Make groups for departments, projects, office locations or anything your team needs to coordinate around. See when messages are delivered and who’s seen them, in real time.

Call across the world, no long distance charges.

No more swapping phone numbers or searching for dial-in codes. With voice and video calling from desktop or mobile, you can have face-to-face conversations wherever you are.
Launch instant global conference calls with up to 1000 participants.

Send photos and files instantly

With a built-in camera, Cotap lets you snap a photo or shoot a video the moment something happens. Drag-and-drop files from desktop to mobile.

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