Interview with Barbara Saul about web design , online marketing and WordPress


I interviewed Babs Saul via text as my sound failed in the first five minutes
Barbara took control though and in an interesting 30 minute talk gave insights into WordPress, themes , plugins , blogging , collaborative blogs and her plans for the future
We are grateful to Simon Raybould who hopped in to ask questions live and to Lynn Tulip who asked questions tooe

Barbara and I have known each other for over 10 years , in her role as BlogMistress she hosts websites for Angelika and me and many of our friends , She is always there to lend a helping hand when we manage to break the sites , resolving problems without fuss and showing endless patience .

We will be discussing web design , online marketing and of course WordPress .

Wednesday 27Th January 10:00 AM GMT

About Barbara

In a nutshell: having worked my way through from office junior when I left school at 16 (computers were rare and huge then – we used manual typewriters and log tables!) to management accounting, regional management for a security firm into a great role in the food ingredients industry, then up to London and computer support for some great blue chips, and finally settling in Kent to build my own business and focus on the Internet.

Now I’ve brought together my century-spanning (ok, so that’s just a lucky timing thing, but does add up to well over 15 years) experience of the web together with commercial experience, and focus on Internet marketing strategy – both enabling others to do their own and doing it for them with the team.

The rest of the time, I run the Blogmistress which offers every kind of WordPress help you might want.

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