How to Embed your Live Video into your Blog Site , Examples from Broadcasters


Broadcasting live is one of the bet ways to create content and it is just the first step. You can embed that content into your WordPress Blog

Embedding a Facebook recording in your WordPress blog is simple to do.

1 Edit the video on Facebook
2 Press the ellipsis top right ( the three dots)
3 Select embed , include full post , click on the embed code
4 Create a new blog post and decide on a title
5 Paste the embed code into the blog text.
6 Publish the blog post.

The examples below illustrate the ways in which you can incorporate video into your blog , my thanks to everyone listed below. We are all members of the Belivers group on Facebook.

Thank you to Leigh Davidson, Caren Glasser , Bridgetti Lim Banda , Sally Thibaultt, Rj Redden , Nicole Bandes, Ask The Paediatricians Foundation , Wigan Rugby Fans – Wigan Fan TV & Blog, Kim Bultsma and Camille Nisich

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Leigh Davidson


Be A Petsmart Owner: Pet & Horse Health Tutorials Be a petsmart owner and learn more about pet and horse health care. Watch our selection of live tutorials incorporating all aspects of pet health care and management. For written articles on animal health check out our pet health articles page.

Caren Glasser

Can you really get by with a little help from your friends? A conversation with Hannah Ferrier! | The Little White Lie

Some history: Three years ago I was a guest on the very first season of Bravo’s reality show Below Deck Mediterranean (what a blast!), and I had the delightful chance to meet Hannah Ferrier, star of what’s become a big hit now in its 3rd season.

Bridgetti Lim Banda

The Water Show with Dr Anthony Turton Why the Water Lions Campaign an…

Bridgetti.Live is a Virtual Video Producer, BeLive.TV Moderator, Livestreamer and Digital Story Teller

Sally Thibault


It’s the first of September this week and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere… new beginnings, new focus and new intentions As always, once spring comes, it’s a time we start thinking about setting new intentions. But after over three decades coaching women, the one thing that I have found that works the most consistently to …

Rj Redden

Why Now Is The Time To Get Started With Bots

I want to get as many people going with Messenger bots as I possibly can. Why? Because bots are the end of fake marketing. Bots are the end of salesy, in your face and beating you over the head tactics. It’s been a long time coming.

Nicole Bandes

[Video] It’s a Solopreneur’s Life- Ep 13- Solo Doesn’t Mean Isolation * Virtual A Team: The Cure for DoItAllAholics

Feeling isolated and alone? One of the common challenges for solopreneurs is working from home without anyone to bounce ideas or even just have water cooler conversations. Hear some great tips on staying social from Kay Miller . Tips from Kay: Find out more about Steve Miller’s book!

Ask The Paediatricians LIVE videos

Ask The Paediatricians LIVE videos – Ask The Paediatricians

Ask The Paediatricians LIVE – OPEN HOUSE SEPTEMBER

Wigan Rugby Fans

Wigan Rugby FansEp 44 – Wigan Fan TV – St Helens v Wigan Preview Show

Sean is joined by Matt, Mark and David to preview the Super 8’s game between St Helens and Wigan Warriors and yes, there is another rap from Mr Macaulay.

Kim Bultsma

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE: Episode 20 – A Cup of Content

So I’m going to give you something for free. I’m going to give you 14 days to try and make a small change in your business. What I want you to do is make an effort. I want you to take 14 days and really try to make a change in your business with my help.

Camille Nisich

5 Facts About Melatonin You NEED To Know

If sleep is a problem for you, you might think the simple solutions is melatonin supplements. Watch the video below for 5 facts that may just change your mind.


    Sally Thibault

    Thank you Stephen. You are doing great work to help us all make our broadcasts better. I value your insights and your expertise



      Thank you so much Sally for your kind words.

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