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Native American cultures across the USA have a variety of customs, artforms, regalia and beliefs.

Native American culture is incredibly strong and is looked upon as one of the strongest native cultures on the planet.

While the culture has been damaged severely by white settlement, the one thing that holds it together is ceremony and rituals.

Rituals like prayer in connection to earth, to the nature spirits, to their ancestors, to all the people of the earth.

In the Native American culture, one of the ceremonies are the sweat lodges which are used for purification and cleansing.

Shamanism is part of the Native American beliefs and it’s customary to have a Shaman who is like the high Priest with a much deeper connection to Spirit.

Tribes can also have medicine men and women who perform ceremonies using a variety of medicine tools, such as drums, sage and pipe

In tonight’s Fireside Chat, Matthew shares more about his time and experience with the Lakota people on Rosebud Indian Reservation.

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