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Energy! How it works. Spirit Guides, trees, animals and your own energy.
Fireside Chat 5 November 2020

Have you ever felt there is something more ‘out there’, something you can’t explain that feels totally alien to everything you’ve ever known?

Have you ever wondered about how birds just seem to ‘know’ a perfect flight formation when migrating, or how a school of fish act as one entity? Do you know if trees and plants have ‘feelings’?

We are born into a ‘black and white’ world. One where, if you can’t sense it, it’s nonsense. Did you know the scientific world coined this term (many years ago) for anything that can be experienced outside of the 5 senses.

While there have been many breakthroughs with science that have proved otherwise, there are still many people who, because of their upbringing, beliefs and values installed in them, tend to reject the concept of ‘energy’ as an actual ‘thing’ to be experienced.

You may find that when things happen that you can’t explain, even simple things like you’re thinking of someone and they message you (or the phone rings), you explain it away as ‘coincidence’.

We’ve all had those experiences, and put them down to everything but what they are, or ignore them and pretend those experiences didn’t happen.

When you get that ‘nudge’ to call someone, or go somewhere and you ignore it, you may be denying an opportunity to enrich your life or help someone, or even win a lottery!

Join Matthew’s Fireside Chat and learn how to trust your feelings, your intuition, when you experience these things that can’t be explained away by the 5 senses.



I am a LIVE video show host on and Lightstream,and Udemy instructor based in Wiltshire.

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