Find Your Freedom TV – There’s Something About Mary


Find Your Freedom TV – Season 1, Episode 2 – There’s Something About Mary

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make money as a property developer? Maybe you’ve thought about investing in property but you have no idea where to start? Or maybe you’ve got an investment property and you’re looking for clever leverage strategies to build your portfolio and create more income!

In this weeks episode Jodie Nevid; co-founder and co-author of The 7 Effect interviews the poster gal for it’s never too late – Mary Palaric. Tune in to discover how Mary found the courage to walk away from her $200,000 a year salary and set up multiple property companies that earn her $400,000 a year and give her the freedom to live the life of her dreams… And she did it all in her 50’s!

Here’s what you’ll get from Episode #2

• How Mary quit being a high paid exec on the brink of burnout to doubling her income, halving her hours and becoming free.
• Powerful property strategies to help you get in the game using other people’s money.
• This weeks book review of Cashflow Quadrant
• 7 Weekly Steps To Move You Closer To Freedom
• Real time answers to your questions
• Real world solutions to your problems

All that and more, delivered to you, commercial free in 30 minutes!

To engage with Jodie and Mary while they are live, click here to watch at the original source



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