Find Your Freedom TV Season 2 – Episode #4 – Your Brain Your Mind Your Life With Alistair Horscroft


Have you ever felt trapped in you own mind with feelings of anxiety and depression? Does fear or worry ever hold you back from living your best life… your most Optimal Life?

In this episode of Find Your Freedom TV meet internationally renowned hypnotist, mind master and life guru Alistair Horscroft.

Alistair is also the founder of The Mind Academy, one of Australia’s most innovative education centres teaching the Diploma of Modern Psychology and The Optimal Life Co, a cutting edge company developed to give you the tools you need to live a BIG life!

The Optimal Life co. is founded on 3 principles;

 Know Thyself
 Advance Thyself
 Be Thyself

Watch Find Your Freedom TV to find out how you can use these three principles in your everyday to create a life that is full of laughter, connection, and growth.

Get ready to Find Your Freedom and master your mind so you can live your most Optimal Life!

Join us for this live interview on The 7 Effect page. This link will take you direct to the broadcast:



I am a LIVE video show host on and Lightstream,and Udemy instructor based in Wiltshire.

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