Chat with Julie Bishop of #Jobhop about her #KickStarter Campaign


On Friday at 10:30 I had the pleasure of chatting with Julie Bishop of Jobhop about her current fundraising campaign on KickStarter

We covered the Jobhop site , how it started and Julie’s mission in creating and expanding the site and explained the current Kickstart er campaign to provide communities which can be run by companies on the site.

This will enable members of the site looking for jobs to seek out suitable companies and engage with them prior to applying for a job.

For companies the community facility will increase engagement with potential employees.

The Kickstarter campaign is here

The Jobhop site is here

JobHop is for employees

‘Knowing that Jobhop is the place where great companies come together makes it easier for you to research them. When you have enough knowledge about a company, that knowledge gives you power of choice, are they the company for you? You can ask the question “Is it your preferred company?” Your company of choice may not be the same as someone else’s company of choice, that’s why you should be doing your own research. Choosing the right company can make a huge difference to your career’

You can watch the replay below

or on Youtube

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