Cendrine and Steven chat with Kelly Hungerford about Community Building


The biggest problem any business faces on Social Media is building community.

In this fascinating informative chat with Cendrine and me , Kelly Hungerford gave a masterclass of how to build a community online,

If you are looking for insights into how you can build a community then this Blab chat is a great place to begin

Kelly gave real world examples of building online communities from scratch , the trial and error we must go through to ensure we build on the right platform for our business ,
how to engage an audience and grow your community.

You really need to embrace and applaud the people who are active in your community and Kelly gave simple steps to achieve this.

By the end of the chat both Cendrine and I felt that embrace and we are now members of a growing community on Blab.

We thank Kelly for sharing her expertise in a thoroughly enjoyable course in community building practice .

About Kelly

Kelly’s a digital marketer and community builder creating ‘customer-first’ strategies that grow brand awareness, customer loyalty and revenue. She is the founder, moderator and Community Manager of #BizHeroes, one of Twitter’s fastest-growing chats.

In her previous position as Head of Marketing for Paper.li, Kelly was tasked with building customer facing organization from the ground up. Taking an “every customer counts” approach, she built Paper.li community and user feedback into operations to build a customer-activated organization, continuously improve Customer Care, Marketing, Communications and Product Development and drive growth, revenue, product development, and customer satisfaction.

Kelly’s website http://kellyhungerford.com/.

View the replay 8:00PM Wednesday 30th March

or on YouTube

Next month we will be interviewing another of Cendrine’s friends

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