Cendrine and Steven chat about Social Media with Ani Alexander @Blab


Last month I interviewed Cendrine and we got along famously and had a blast . So this month we teamed up to co-host and chat with a very special guest about social media,

Our first special guest was Ani Alexander , best selling author , well respected podcaster and Blabber

I connected with Ani in one of the first ‘Blabbing for Britain’ Thursday shows before she moved with her family to London and we have become good friends over the months

In a very enjoyable chat we talked about

Blogging which is where Ani’s writing journey began.

The path to becoming a best selling author on Amazon starting from Ani’s first book with useful practical information on writing and publishing

Starting and establishing the Write 2B Read podcst in which Ani interviews many people well known in social media

Ani gave insights into her way of writing and working and explained how you can become appreciated for your works providing you are genuine , hard working and focused.

You can contact Ani at http://www.anialexander.com


About Ani

My corporate career includes extensive management experience of 10+ years and covers different areas such as banking, development projects, media agency and telecom.

I have also created a personal brand, self-published my fiction books and as a result became #1 Amazon bestselling fiction author.

Launched the Write to be Read podcast in 3 weeks, which was chosen by Apple as #1 New & Noteworthy podcast and featured New York Times bestselling authors and influential online entrepreneurs, such as James Altucher, Peter Shankman, Pat Flynn, Tucker Max, Chris Brogan and others.

Watch us here (Recorded Tuesday 23/02/2016 )

or on Blab here

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