Bridgetti and Steven in Discussion on 26 October . Talking about Twitch


Bridgetti and Steven in Discussion BeLive in Five with Bridgetti and Steven Healey where we talk about Live-Streaming tips, using the BeLive.TV app and other fun stuff

This week we will be talking about broadcasting on Twitch using Belive

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Belive with 4 seats on screen , screen share and integrated comments.

HD quality when live , HD quality download , Affiliate Scheme, one button click to upload to Youtube.

The option when you qualify for Afiliate to create a premium channel with paying subscribers..

Twitch is owned by Amazon .

This new feature is addition to broadcasting to Facebook .

Broadcasting to Twitch is free

You can upgrade to Amazon Prime to have more options

We connect South Africa with England and sometimes we are joined by other guests from around the globe!!