Interview with Cendrine Marrouat author of The Little Big eBook on Social Media


A thoroughly enjoyable chat with Cendrine as we discussed all things social media .

Cendrine’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for social media shone through and we covered from a business perspective

Getting started on Social Media
Tracking and learning from your competition
Engaging your audience
Dealing with complaints
Content Creation

We connected over a year ago when Suzan St Maur introduced Cendrine on my Prospect Networking Facebook group

Cendrine Marrouat is a social media blogger & coach, curator, author, and photographer living in Canada. She is the founder of Social Media Slant, a blog helping small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs to figure out the basics of social media.

In 2015, Cendrine was recognized a Top 100 Business Blogger by BuzzHUMM. Social Media Slant also made Fit Small Business’ Best Small Business Blogs of 2015 list.

Cendrine contributes regular content for B2B News Network, and guest posts on several other blogs. She has authored two books.

The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win was awarded a 2015 Small Business Book Award in the Social Media Category.

You can watch the replay here


or on YouTube

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Blab : Now you can embed your #Blab into your website.


Announcement from the Blab Blog by Brittany

Brittany says …

Live Embeds!

Seriously, this is a big one. You can now just embed anywhere! You can even jump in from another site! You can now put this in your space! CAN’T STOP YELLING! This is amazing. The Blab team hasn’t slept for a while, so we hope you love it.

My Recorded Blabs

Blabs I featured in

My upcoming Blabs

You can subscribe just by clicking the button

How to do it ?

Simply paste the code when creating or editing the Blab


or for Blabs you have already recorded copy the text below

<iframe style=”max-width: 100%;” src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”none”></iframe>

Simply replace with your own Blab URL

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Direct Messaging changes on Twitter


Twitter Changes to Direct Messaging

The default setting is OFF , the box is not ticked

Receive Direct Messages from anyone

Twitter has upgraded  its popular direct message feature to allow users to receive messages from other users regardless if they follow each other.

The default setting is OFF , if you do want to receive Direct Messages from people who you do not follow then



 Receive Direct Messages from anyone
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A Tale of Two Tweets (why some tweets are read more than others) #EmpireAvenue #IALTY


On twitter the size of your audience matters , the more people who see your tweets the better chance you have of being noticed . The aim should be to engage an increasing number of people in your interests and business expertise.This applies especially when you are building your online reputation using Twitter.

In my last blog post I referred to the Tweet activity dashboard

I promoted the blog post in two tweets and monitored their progress using the dashboard

This is the first tweet


As you can see the tweet was viewed a reasonable number of times but there was no further activity.

The second tweet was sent out moments later


As you can see the text in the tweet is similar to the first one , the reaction however is markedly different


What made such a difference between reactions to the two tweets ?

Why did the second tweet have 7164 views compared to 149 for the first tweet , after all they were both promoting the same blog post and tweeted from the same account.

The second tweet was retweeted by 49 people ; 48 people actually clicked the link , 35 people favourited the tweet , 4 people replied to me and most rewarding 5 people followed me.

The reason is simple ‘the Empire Avenue’ effect . On Empire Avenue you can create a mission asking people to visit a tweet and read it , they are then free to take any other action they wish . I ran a mission 64 people visited the tweet from Empire Avenue and 49 people took further action.

This signifies at least three major points ..

1 If you tweet once and do nothing else you will attract a reasonable number of views. That is the end of the story.

2 The real benefit comes from encouraging interaction on the tweet.

The more people who RT (retweet) you , the larger your audience and the bigger the reaction.

3 Having systems in place that encourage people to promote you.

The key to this is investing time in interacting with people building relationships and trust. This is also known as networking

It really is about engagement and I am still learning daily on how to improve , which is why I joined the #klout70 inititative .

If you have any questions about Empire Avenue or #klout70 then please ask.

Note #IALTY is the tag for ‘Is Anyone Listening to You’ which is the theme of this series of blog posts.

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Who are you ? Are you on Xeeme ?


Several years ago I was a member of a UK based networking site and when people asked about me I simply gave them a link to my profile page on the site Unfortunately that website no longer exists and so my search has been for a new home for my profile.

Ideallly you want a page which people will want to visit which stores a short biography and then links to your main Social presences , you also want a place is is visible to everyone . This rules out Facebook as in order to view a profile you have to be a member of Facebook . LinkedIn does give you a public profile page , but does not show as much information as members of LinkedIn can see .

Over the course of this week I will look at three or four sites which close to providing a great profile page  Xeeme , and newcomer

There is no ideal solution , there is choice and you can simply select the one which suits your needs. If you know of other sites which perform the same function please let me know.


Social Profiles


Xeeme Overview ( “Xeeme Main Page” )

I have been using Xeeme for about 3 years and it has definitely helped promote my social presence

There is an active Facebook support group ( “Xeeme on Facebook” ) . The management team of Axel Schultze ,Marita Roebkes and Rob Stevenson are very involved and ultra responsive to Xeeme members input .The forum is very active and over the years many friendships have grown. It is a community in the true sense of the word.

As a well connected person or brand you keep in touch on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Google+, maybe Pinterest, various groups and other places and spaces. Instead of sharing all those URLs or let your contacts search for you, give them a single URL:


Xeeme Advantages

Xeeme Advantages

steven’s XeeMe

Setting up a Xeeme account is straight forward .

You simply add links to all your sites and they are then presented on one page.

If you then give someone a link to your Xeeme page they can quickly see and visit all your online presences

They do not need to have their own Xeeme account .

My Xeeme is here “Steven’s Xeeme”

steven's XeeMe

Xeeme Future

The profile site is just one aspect of Xeeme.

In 2013 Society 3 who run Xeeme also launched Buzz , a highly effective social content promotion system.

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Google Authorship for your blog in 3 Easy steps


Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content

Step 1 On your blog home page add the following code

<a href=”” rel=”publisher”>Find us on Google+</a>

Place your google + page reference where I have typed XXXXXXXXX

Save your home page , take a quick look and see that the link is visible and works .

Step 2 Visit your Google + About Page

Google + About Link

Find the links section



In the ‘Contributor to’ section add your blog home  page giving it a title and the link

Step 3 Visit Google Webmaster tools

Enter your website home page in the box and press preview to validate your entries

Your blog site should now be linked to your Google + account and you have claimed authorship .


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