Klout hits the Buffer and still goes steaming down the track.


If you are on twitter you have probably heard of Klout and  love it , hate it or ignore it.

Until now Klout has simply monitored your online activity and given you a Klout score based on how effective it thinks you are . There are arguments for and against how accurate the score is but Klout is well established and I use it not to monitor my score , but the trend  over the months .

Now Klout has had a revamp and has extended the facilities available on the site , which may make it more useful .

Scheduling Posts

Buffer has been the de facto standard for scheduling posts for release at any time of day on any day of the week . In this global village in which we live posting is now a 24 hour a day activity if you want to reach people in all continents. It is very handy if you manage more than one Twitter or Facebook account .

Enter Klout ,

Klout Scheduled Sharing

Your Klout Profile

now shows suggested content to share . You can scroll through the list and select an item by pressing the share button

Your Klout Profile

The share screen is then displayed

and you can set to share on Facebook and/or Twitter (after authorising them)

When you press the schedule button , you can select date and time to share . I set this item to post on my timeline at 2pm Saturday.

The share screen is then displayed

You can review

all your scheduled items .

You can review

As you can see Klout is not as sophisticated as Buffer , you can only at this point in time share content they suggest

They will be providing a metrics system to show you how the Klout sourced content has been received on Twitter and Facebook . So not only are they measuring your performance ,they are helping you to create content.

The interesting thing is the way they have been able to use all those +K you have received from your friends over the years to display content which is relevant to you.

In terms of finding content relevant to your audience this is a good start . Swayy started up last year and do an excellent job in
finding fresh content for you to schedule and share with their free to use package. I wonder if Swayy and Klout might be a good fit.

Mind you both have a long way to go before they can rival Scoop.it . Scoop.it is the best and most cost effective way to gather and share content for your audience . Daily updated content from sources you choose , in topics you choose , a superb page to display it on and a development team which listens to their customers.

These are certainly interesting times in content curation and Klout’s initiative is to be welcomed.

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