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This week sees our 14th ‘Blabbing for Britain’ show and we thought we would take a moment to look back and thank the people who have taken part.

Blab is about getting involved , networking , chatting with people from around the globe.

Blab is ideal for interviews , group discussions , tuition and promoting your cause

When we started our aim was to explore Blab ourselves , to promote a site we both enjoy using and encourage people to join us on camera .

We are succeeding

Over the weeks we have made many new friends around the globe and met up on video with people we have known online for years but never spoken to directly.

From our existing online friends we have chatted to Andrew Wilcox , Stephen Bray , Alan Rae , Laurence Lowne, Kevin Arrow . Rod Sloane and Su Butcher

New friends

We have really enjoyed ‘Blabbing for Britain’ and connecting with new friends . among them are

Kelvin Fagan, Steven Bate, Ani Alexander, Peter Stewart , Kevin Scullion , Saul Fleischman,Liam O’Gogain ,Wendy,Sharlene Ryle ,Paul Deach ,Ileane Smith ,Stephen Silk ,Steve Lawson ,CJ Sohal and Nathyn Gibson

Blab is more than a video chat site , there is a real sense of community.

If you want to try out the site in friendly surroundings with hosts who never take themselves too seriously , bring you the latest Blab updates , UK news of the week and an opprtunity to join in on camera or simply just to watch THEN

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