Blabbing for Britain using #Blab Hints, Tips and Questions Answered by Steven and Jon [Updated 02 February]


Every Thursday Jon Upton and Steven Healey host Video shows on Blab. We have both hosted Blabs and are enthusiastic Blabistas .

Each show features an introduction to Blab and the latest features .

The Aim

To show you how you can use Blab in your business and your networking activities.

Our goal is to help you to host your own Blab and take part live in other peoples Blabs.

The atmosphere will be  informal and you will discover how easy to use and useful Blab is .

What is Blab ?

Blab is a public video conference with up to four participants live streaming . The system integrates with Twitter and it has its own comments system for viewers to interact and ask questions which the video panel can answer.

Blab requires only a video camera , a microphone and earphones.  There is nothing to download for hosts or viewers . It works on Windows , Mac .there is an Iphone app and on Android it works in your browser

And while there are already group video chats services like Google Hangouts and Skype’s group video call feature, what makes Blab attractive is its focus on social networking and bringing the Twitter community closer together through video. It’s also (at least so far) a lot easier to use than the aforementioned services. Source Mashable

Show Formats

There are many different ways to use Blab. We’ve created a platform, and our users guide the content. Sometimes it’s tricky to know which type of format fits your Blab, so I’ve mapped out some ideas.

Brittany of Blab has shared typical formats here 

To join join our Blab simply subscribe below , all you need is your Twitter Account


OUR NEXT BLAB Thursday 4th February 2016

The Youtube Recording of Episode 1 November 5th 2015

We were joined by Alan Rae , Stephen Bray , Andrew Wilcox and Sonia Harris.

Episode 2 November 26th 2015

We enjoyed meeting several new people .

We were joined by Kelvin Fagan, Steven Bate, Ani Alexander, Peter Stewart

Episode 3 3rd December

Jon and I were joined by Paul Deach and Kevin Scullion

The discussion covers allotments , travelling around Scotland , social networking and Blab of course


Episode 4 10th December

Today Jon Upton and I were joined by Kevin , Liam , Ani and Wendy and our largest live audience to date.

We heard about the latest Blab update , the importance of sound quality , video editing software , Blab uses , moving to England and we all got to know each other better.

Kevin suggested that sound and video quality could be improved by buying a Logitech HD PRO WEBCAM C920 – so I did

You are welcome to join us Thursdays at 10:00 AM GMT


Episode 5  Dec 17, 2015 

We were joined by Liam and Paul in a wide ranging discussion

Blabbing for Britain Christmas Party  December 24th 2015

Jon and I held our virtual Christmas Party with Liam and Kevin

We were joined by Su Butcher (from her car) . Alan Rae , Laurence Lowne, Kevin Arrow, Stephen Bray and a host of other friends


Eposide 7 Blabbing for Britain December 31st 2016

Jon and I discussed the weeks events and were joined by Peter Stewart, Kevin Scullion and Saul Fleischman

We looked forward and chatted about our plans for the New Year

Blabbing for Britain Episode No 8 7th January 20156

Jon hosted the show after Windows 10 decided to mute my microphone .

Jon was joined by Rod Sloane , Peter Stewart , Liam O Gogain ,Paul Deach and via text Sharlene Ryle

Blabbing for Britain Episode No 9 14th January 2016

Our busiest Blab yet with more people than ever before getting involved and watching live

We were joined by Peter Stewart , Kelvin Fagan ,Kevin Arrow ,Alan Rae , Paul Deach and leane Smith

The discussion was lively and wide ranging

Blabbing for Britain Episode 10 21st January 2016

Another lively session as Jon and I were joined by Andrew Wilcox replete with cycle helmet camera.

We covered Blab updates , cricket and tennis

Blabbing for Britain Episode 11 28th January 2016

Wow , what a show with 50 people logged in and watching. Thank you to everyone who watched and joined in.

We were joined by steve lawson (Beekeeper, gardener ) from Eutawville in South Carolina who explained the practice of keeping bees. and moves to combat Colony Collapse Disorder.

Stephen Silk ,co-founder ERIS Technology Ltd . who talked about emotional analytics applications. Definitely an area to keep a watch on .

Kelvin Fagan helped bring us up to speed on Blab developments and third party apps.

CJ Sohal kept an eye on the Blab and the chatter

Ileane Smith joined us again and lifted everyone’s spirits

The shows run every Thursday at 10:00 AM GMT


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