Blabbing for Britain , Celebrating our 30th Weekly Video Chat on Blab


This week sees Jon and me host our 30th ‘Blabbing for Britain’ show (Thursday 9th June at 10:00 AM)

We discuss everything under the sun and are joined by people from around the globe

Blab is about getting involved and enjoying good humoured chats.

Blab is ideal for interviews , group discussions , tuition and promoting your cause

When we started our aim was to explore Blab ourselves , to promote a site we both enjoy using and encourage people to join us on camera .

We are succeeding.

We would like to thank the hundreds of people who have joined us over the weeks especially those who appear on camera .

A special mention to both Stephen Silk and Peter Stewart who have become good friends and discussed hundreds of topics of interest with us over the weeks 🙂

You can replay any of our first 29 shows here

In the photo top row Steven Healey , Stephen Silk / second row Jon Upton and Peter Stewart with ‘Norman Wisdom’ in the background

This weeks show is here


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