Making Good Connections on Facebook Live

Share is a great way to broadcast live on Facebook to make new connections and strengthen ties with friends.

There are ways that you can improve the experience for your guests , your viewers and yourself.

Before you broadcast live check the following.

Network Speed


The important figure is upload speed .

The minimum upload speed is 1.5 . If you have lower than that then the video and sound quality will fluctuate.



If your guest is connecting to Belive via mobile then their connection and signal may be subject to fluctuation . This will impact the quality of the video.

Both your internet speed and your guests are important .

Your guest can have a beautiful clear picture with great sound whilst yours may be acceptable but not great. Simply their broadband connection is better then yours.

You as host may have a beautiful clear picture with great sound whilst your guest does not , your broadband connection is better than theirs.

Hopefully most of the time you and your guest(s) will have equally good connections.

Before a Show

1 Restart your computer . This is sound advice – if you have been running your computer for hours before the broadcast then a number of processes you do not need when broadcasting may be running.

2 Start Chrome

3 Open a tab  for , locate and enter your show .

4 Open Facebook Messenger (or similar) to stay in contact with guests before they join the show.

Everything you need to broadcast is on the screen.

You may open a Facebook tab to check that you are live on Facebook after you start the show , however remember there are transmission/processing delays and the video on Facebook will be behind your live show. I always close the tab after checking . Leaving it open means your desktop is performing unnecessary processing.

Please invite your guest into the show 15-20 minutes before you go live. Then you can check audio and video , go through the agenda and make everyone comfortable.

Connecting camera and microphone can use any camera or microphone that you have installed on your desktop .

If your system is not displaying your camera or microphone – will not see it and cannot use it.

On the left you can see my microphone choices , on the right connecting camera and microphone on Belive . You must click the cog top right BEFORE you press [Connect Camera] and join the show.


If you are the host of the show , you can re-select your camera and microphone without leaving the show.


If you cannot see all three buttons in then please make sure that Chrome is up to date , clear your cache and try again.

If the guest has a problem then ask them to refresh their browser and re-connect camera and microphone

Note Using an external microphone will improve both the quality of the sound and the syncing between video and audio. Remember that many people listen to a live broadcast whilst looking at another page , sound is important . On the replay good sound is crucial , viewers will accept reasonable quality video but if the sound is poor (crackly) then they will not watch.

This is the internet at it’s best makes broadcasting easy to do . Create your show , invite your guest and go live.

This is amazing given the complexity of the underlying technology.

Just think what is happening

Your camera and microphone are broadcasting . Your video and sound travel on the internet separately and are re combined by Belive and Facebook.
Your guests  camera and microphone are broadcasting . Their video and sound travel on the internet separately and are re combined by Belive and Facebook.

If you have two guests then there are six feeds (video + audio) travelling the internet. On Talk Show when you have guests in the lobby then their video and audio feeds are being processed too. brings together all the feeds so you can see them on the screen

The resulting image is then transmitted to Facebook using the display you have chosen in your output panel.

Belive then reads the Facebook comments in real time and displays them on the Belive Production Centre. You can feature the comments on screen

You can share pictures from your Facebook albums

You can share your desktop.

Now we can understand how much organisation and processing takes place in each and every show .

You can sign up for a 14 day free trial here

A simple browser refresh will clear most problems when broadcasting.


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