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The Belief Principle @Steven Aitchison

Did you know the first 7 years of your life largely sets out how the rest of your life will be? What? Wait?!? Really?

At such a young age, we are at the mercy of our parents, carers, the media and other means that shape our beliefs, and we generally hold those beliefs for most, if not all of our lives.

This would be GRAND if we have healthy and productive beliefs installed in us. The reality, however is usually much, much different.

When your life stops working for you or you know there is more, the way to move forward is to change your beliefs.

Meet world-renowed social entrepreneur, business coach and author StevenAitchison

Steven has a global following of over 5 million people for his expertise in blogging, personal growth and business development online.

He is here to talk about the launch of his book, ‘The Belief Principle’ and share with us how to bust those limiting beliefs that are holding us back from transforming our lives.

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