An Ode to Currys


We bought a new oven last week , which should not be too difficult  , this is the story of what happened
with Angelika venting her frustration in rhyme.



    Suzan St Maur

    Your cooker story got me thinking
    Frustrated, I would take up drinking
    Being messed around like that’s
    Enough to make you kill those tw*ts.

      Angelika Davey

      He he, the bottle of wine had already been opened, but we could only have killed the engineers and they were not at fault. On the contrary, they all were extremely lovely and couldn’t be more helpful, apart from the bits they weren’t allowed to do because they weren’t qualified (according to Currys)!



        The engineers were not at fault as Angelika says . The problem , though I am reluctant to say it , is that a poorly designed computer system does not have a code for ‘Remove gas oven ,install electric oven’ . This means the fitter needs to be qualified for both gas and electrics.

        There are presumably codes for ‘Remove old gas powered oven , fit new ‘ and ‘Remove old electric oven , fit new ‘

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