Across the Pond Live Video with Leland Best and Steven Healey


Steven and Leland discuss current events from both sides of the big blue expanse that separates the UK from the US. Join in on the conversation by becoming part of the show!

We have travelled a long way , via Blab , Firetalk and Smiletime . Now Leland produces the show on Vmix live to Facebook.

You can join us live every Tuesday at 5pm BST 12pm ET HERE

Last Weeks Episode



Our First Episode

This is the first episode of a joint venture between myself and Leland Best. I am based in Wiltshire England and Leland is in Michigan USA .

Leland and I first connected on , enjoyed each others company and created shows together.

We decided that we should launch ‘Across the Pond’ to share news and stories from both sides of the Atlantic.

We start with serious topics of the day then progress through areas which unite our two countries and explore social topics in a light hearted way.

We explored the British EU vote scheduled for Thursday and I tried to explain why the vote was taking place .

Leland shared his views on the US Election and the people currently involved in the run up to Novembers election.

The show was broadcast on FireTalk which we selected for the video quality and stability.

Across the Pond with Leland Best and Steven Healey

Leland and Steven will be discussing events of recent days and weeks in both the USA and UK . We invite you to join us as we try to explain and explore the bac…

Leland was using Vmix to broadcast

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